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We develop tailor-made solutions based on machine learning, computer vision and analysis of satellite and weather data, with a particular focus on agro-tech.

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Get the data and technology you need

  • Integrate our analyses of satellite and weather data directly in your platform, or let us develop tools to meet your exact needs.

  • Get access to a number of existing services and APIs that give your products an edge, or use our services for to your own benefit.

Analyze fields of crops, anywhere in the world

Gain insights into the health conditions of crops with our satellite imagery pipeline. Integrate, retrieve and use data easily – fully automated.

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Countries Supported

We’re able to process satellite data from anywhere in the world.


Hectares of land analyzed

Processed automatically with our internal satellite imagery pipeline.



Explore our solutions and see what we can enable you to do.

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Satellite Imagery and Image Processing

Access millions of square kilometers of high-res satellite imagery in seconds. Use instantly.

  • We perform atmospheric corrections and cloud filtering so that data is clean and applicable as soon as you retrieve it.

  • Need to detect objects in imagery? Our pre-trained algorithms will help you find whatever you need to find.

Field Analysis and Precision Farming

Measure vegetation on a large scale, and integrate our existing precision farming tools into your own platform.

  • Use NDVI-imagery to detect crop types and to monitor vegetation and variation visually. Be alerted of threats.

  • Create variable-rate application maps for spraying and seeding with the most advanced tool on the market.

Weather Data and Services

Collect site-specific weather data with our custom-made weather stations. Or, access data from a growing network of installed units.

  • Our weather stations measure 8 weather parameters with hyper-local accuracy. Updated every 10 minutes.

  • Retrieve measured and interpolated weather values with a pixel-resolution of 1km through our API and applications.

How we work

We’ll help you identify potential solutions, transform your concepts into products and ensure integration with your services.

Solving industry challenges with big data

We’d love to help you solve your next big data challenge. Reach out to get involved with our passionate team.

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